Vaughn with his family
We are excited to be participating in the 5K Fun Run/Walk to raise money for families that have children with special needs like our son.  We feel honored to be one of the Bumblebee Families this year and look forward to volunteering with future events.

Vaughn’s an amazing 5-year-old chef & gardener!  Food is on the front burner every day in our home due to extensive allergies and intolerances.  Out of necessity, Vaughn is gluten, corn & soy free with a long list of other allergies.  Most of our food is homemade, from scratch to help keep him healthy.  Maintaining Vaughn’s health through diet is vital because his body does not tolerate most medicines, including ones for asthma and antibiotics.  Vaughn has seen a number of specialists over the years for the food issues and developmental delays.  He was diagnosed with autism and recently started intensive ABA therapy.  He is an awesome big brother to his sister, Nora, who seems to be following in his footsteps with the extensive food issues.  She is 14 months old and currently has 3 foods in her diet.

As parents we firmly believe in being pro-active and advocating for our children’s needs.  Doing so is often challenging, but well worth every bit of effort.  Thank you for joining us on this leg of our journey!

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